The following link will direct you to my group’s (Chris Fliss, Chelsey Zibell and Shania Fifarek) panel discussion regarding a list of 10 Small Group Communication Factors:

I was initially contacted by Chris and asked if I was interested in joining forces with a group of fellow students for this particular assignment. I was intrigued by his idea of recording a video panel discussion through Zoom that Chris would eventually edit with Final Cut Pro into a more compressed version (1 GB to be exact) that succinctly discussed our ideas and suggestions related to the original list of Small Group Communication Factors. Interestingly enough, while I understood the premise of our activity, I still had this notion that each group member would come up with their own “revised” list of communication factors that would then be consolidated separately into a tentative list which we would then discuss and revise as a group. I was ready to step into the role of “list consolidator” until it dawned on me upon joining the Zoom room with the other group members that my original idea on the matter completely defeated the purpose of the activity and using programs like Zoom. (You can take the girl out of ‘ol fashion’ but not the ‘old fashion’ out of the girl, I suppose) In any case, our discussion went great. It still takes some used to collaborating in this manner but our Zoom experience was a really positive one. The group spoke freely about each of the delineated points on the list for an hour total before we adjourned for the evening, with Chris taking over the editing portion of the project. I think there may have been one or two points where group members’ perspectives conflicted slightly but did a great job meeting one another halfway. Great experience overall.